Tip #1: Be the go-to fitness professional in your area

The sad fact is that many fitness trainers are struggling to earn a living. To succeed, you cannot be generic. You have to set yourself up as the go-to fitness expert in your area. Once you do, you can charge high fees and attract the most desirable clients.

There is an art and science to marketing your services. That is why the Boxing Fitness Institute includes a free marketing guide with its Certification Programs. Even experienced boxing fitness trainers sign up with us, just to receive this manual.

Of course, it helps to be able to offer an incredible, always in-demand workout in the form of boxing fitness, from the pioneer in the field, too.

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Tip #2: Give your clients a REAL core workout

Many clients come to fitness professionals to work those trouble core areas: butt, hips, thighs, and abs.

We have found that many of these people get bored quickly with isolation exercises and routines.

Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness provide incredible, fun, and varied core workouts. There are all sorts of drills and exercises that naturally work every part of the body. Best of all, the client is having so much fun learning boxing,
kickboxing, and self-defense skills that they don’t even notice the real benefit: They are burning fat, toning muscle, and getting into great conditioning shape.

If your clients are dropping out or not getting results, offer them Boxing and/or Kickboxing Fitness. But here is a warning: You have to know how to teach it correctly.
We see too many uncertified trainers teaching poor and dangerous technique, for instance by using too much arm movement and not enough core movement.

Good technique means knowing the pivot points that generate power and using them.

That’s what you learn when you join our programs.

Tip #3: Have you noticed a backlash against choreographed Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness routines?

We get calls every day from gyms and fitness trainers talking about how sick and tired they (and their members/clients) are of the choreographed workout routines. People
want to return to good, old-fashioned workouts — without the gimmicks or fluff.

The good news is that Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness let you create a workout that works best for you and your clients. You can certainly work some of our routines into your
choreographed routines. Or, if you want to get back to basics, Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness can show you how to structure a fantastic and varied one-hour workout routine.

The time is perfect for Boxing Fitness. It is hot, in demand, and we have set up a program that makes it easy to learn and get Certified. Sign up now, if you have not already done

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