The Specialty Fitness Institute is a collection of some of the
top specialty fitness institutes and fitness trainer programs in the world.

We began over a decade ago with the Boxing Fitness Institute, led by Tony Spain, who was one of the original pioneers in the world of Boxing Fitness. Tony has trained fitness professionals around the world to lead the most exciting boxing fitness classes ever imagined to clients of all ages and fitness levels. The one thing these boxing fitness clients all have in common is that they have a great time getting in the best shape of their lives and learning to fight without having to fight!

Tony then introduced us to Erik Marshall, a world-champion kickboxer, martial artist, and kickboxing fitness trainer who was sick and tired of seeing cardio kickboxing classes that taught improper, even dangerous technique and pretend kickboxing. Together, we created the Kickboxing Fitness Institute to bring true kickboxing form to kickboxing training. The program was an overnight success!

From there, we met Rich Lansky to create the Agility Training Institute based on Rich’s years of experience developing proven techniques to increase speed and agility among elite athletes. Rich’s dynamic warm up system, and his methodical and systematic approach to improving speed and agility, is used by trainers and athletes around the world and has become a standard among fitness trainers.

We then created the Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute with US Marine and seasoned martial artist Tom Bloomfield to help trainers teach basic self-defense and street smarts to men, women, children and families. Tom’s ability to break down self-defense into simple steps has won rave reviews from trainers, community organizations, and martial arts instructors who want an easy to teach system that anyone can learn.

Next, Frank DiMeo showed us incredible strength and endurance techniques – long before CrossFit came along – based on his years of research in innovative strength and conditioning from all over the world; this led to the creation of the American Strength Training Institute. The exercises and drills in this programs are creative, fun, and are all about real strength – not beach muscles or fake fitness. That’s why we call it “Strength for the Streets.” Frank was a chubby kid early in his life and had to deal with a lot of bullies. He dedicated his life to figuring out how to survive, and this program shows people how to get strong – the type of strength and endurance that we use for health, fitness, self-defense, and in everyday life. It is innovative and creative, for real people, like your clients.

Finally, world-class athlete and highly motivational fitness trainer Andre Hudson teamed up with us to create the Youth Athlete Performance Institute to bring his high-energy training programs to fitness trainers wanting to help youth athletes reach the next level – without the macho, injury-producing trainings that too many coaches were using. Andre is famous for placing in top ten position in skyscraper stair climbing competitions, and is an amazing trainer to youth from all stations in life. You will love his attitude, approach to life, and motivational strategies – along with his techniques, drills, and routines of course. He changes lives, and shows you how to do the same.

Taken together, what you have with the Specialty Fitness Institute are the crème de la crème of fitness training programs, all in one place. If you are looking to set your fitness practice apart, any of our programs will help you do the job. Many of our customers come back to us every year looking for the next programs to take their fitness practice to the next level. We hope you will, too!