fitness industry trend article image with longboarderHere’s a fitness industry trend that you shouldn’t ignore if you run a sports or fitness training business. Recently the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how much parents are willing to pay to give their kids a leg up in sports.

It seems that baby boomer parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to have their child become the next Tom Brady, Roger Federer, or LeBron James.

For this very reason, strength and agility programs are booming. Smart parents know that speed and agility are trainable qualities that make the difference in sports today.

And they are willing to pay good, no — great — money to fitness trainers who can help their kids be quicker.

You can tap into this trend by offering all sorts of speed and agility programs for kids: two-day and five-day camps; sports-specific camps; tryout preparation days; one-on-one
training; group classes; and more.

All you need is the knowledge about how to get going. You can sign up for a program that costs $20,000 or you can get the same or better information from the Agility Training Institute — for a much more affordable investment.

Please get started now. Parents are waiting for you!

Choose the program that is best for you!