5 Steps to Become a Successful Kickboxing Instructor

Dedication is one of the qualities that distinguish the best fitness instructors. Becoming a kickboxing instructor can help to elevate your fitness training business. The best fitness trainers and instructors always strive to become better educators. They dedicate themselves to pursuits that will lead to professional improvement. They also know that personal training isn't a static thing. It's an ever-evolving field that requires learning new approaches and skills. This includes adding kickboxing to your personal training repertoire. But what does that entail exactly? Let's talk about the 5 steps you need to follow to become a kickboxing ... Continue Reading

How to Boost Your Personal Trainer Income with Boxing Certification

Would you like to increase your personal trainer income? The average trainer makes about $42,000 a year. That's just enough to live comfortably in a lot of mid-sized cities in the U.S. As a personal trainer, you're in control of your business, whether you work at a big box gym or own a studio. The key to success is to stand out from all of the other trainers that are competing for the same clientele. That's where a boxing certification can help. You can stand out from your peers and give your clients a great workout. Read on ... Continue Reading

Warming up for speed and agility

Are you getting bad information about warming up for speed and agility? There are all sorts of myths about a proper warm up. And there are all sorts of ways to cause athletes great harm with an incorrect warm up routine. At The Agility Training Institute internationally acclaimed fitness professional Rich Lansky has developed a proprietary four-phase dynamic warm up that prepares the athlete for optimum performance. Each phase in the warm up focuses on a proper progression to warm up the muscles, practice effective running form, wake up the Central Nervous System, and build ... Continue Reading

An important trend in sports….

Here's a fitness industry trend that you shouldn't ignore if you run a sports or fitness training business. Recently the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how much parents are willing to pay to give their kids a leg up in sports. It seems that baby boomer parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to have their child become the next Tom Brady, Roger Federer, or LeBron James. For this very reason, strength and agility programs are booming. Smart parents know that speed and agility are trainable qualities that make the difference in sports ... Continue Reading

Handling differences among different clients in Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness

Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness attract a wide range of people: men, women, youths, and children. What is interesting is how these different categories learn Boxing Fitness and Kickboxing Fitness. As a fitness professional it is important to understand these differences. This article discusses those differences. Intrigued? Sign up for our programs on this website! Let's start with men. Many men who come to Boxing and Kickboxing think they already know how to punch and, perhaps, kick correctly. And yet most of them have some pretty poor habits, like using too much arm or leaning forward ... Continue Reading

More great stories from Boxing Fitness Trainers

Here at the Boxing Fitness Institute, we constantly receive great reports from our members about the results they get from our program. In recent months we particularly appreciate having heard from returned military who have signed up for our program in order to transition to civilian life. On another note, here is a great story from a member who is a Mom and simply wanted to teach Boxing Fitness to her children: "I guess I am not quite the typical profile for a boxing fitness trainer, but I have worked pretty hard to get to ... Continue Reading

When it comes to Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness Training, smaller is often better

If you are a solo trainer, you can certainly work with those massive gym facilities. At the same time, don't be intimated by them. In this articles, we want to make sure you are taking advantage of the trend towards smaller, more personalized workouts. Our members are telling us that "smaller is better." Groups of 3-5 people love a Boxing Fitness or Kickboxing Fitness workout, and are willing to pay you more than you can make from personal training. If your rate is $60 an hour for a personal training client, why not charge 4 ... Continue Reading

Some important facts about speed and agility training

In this article we provide some interesting facts about speed and agility. If you want to learn more, please sign up to become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer with our Agility Training Institute. 1. Speed and agility are highly trainable qualities, which is why this form of training is in high demand from so many people. 2. Athletes have chronological age and training age. Athletes in their early teens have a window where they can really develop speed and agility. However, athletes who have not trained much in the past (young training age) also ... Continue Reading

Boxing Fitness Tip: Do less (plus a boxing fitness marketing tip)

Here are two boxing fitness tips for you, one about boxing fitness form, and one about attracting boxing fitness clients. First, a tip about boxing fitness form: In Boxing as in many sports, it is important to DO LESS to get more. So many people use too much energy throwing punches. They flail around with their arms, have too much extraneous movement, and lean in and out with their body (and head, making for a great target). Do less. For instance, with the upper cut, use the core to drive the punch upward. The arm ... Continue Reading

How to tell if you are using correct or incorrect kickboxing fitness technique

Here at the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, we get kind of upset when we go to a gym and see a fitness professional using improper kickboxing technique during workouts. But it happens all the time -- and many of these professionals are supposedly certified in programs with the word "kickboxing" in them. Here is what we see: - People throwing punches with their arms, instead of with their core. The arm is meant to be the delivery mechanism of the punch. But proper pivoting by the body (in 4 places, to be exact) is what gives ... Continue Reading

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