Speed and Agility

Warming up for speed and agility

Are you getting bad information about warming up for speed and agility? There are all sorts of myths about a proper warm up. And there are all sorts of ways to cause athletes great harm with an incorrect warm up routine. At The Agility Training Institute internationally acclaimed fitness professional Rich Lansky has developed a proprietary four-phase dynamic warm up that prepares the athlete for optimum performance. Each phase in the warm up focuses on a proper progression to warm up the muscles, practice effective running form, wake up the Central Nervous System, and build ... Continue Reading

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An important trend in sports….

Here's a fitness industry trend that you shouldn't ignore if you run a sports or fitness training business. Recently the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how much parents are willing to pay to give their kids a leg up in sports. It seems that baby boomer parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to have their child become the next Tom Brady, Roger Federer, or LeBron James. For this very reason, strength and agility programs are booming. Smart parents know that speed and agility are trainable qualities that make the difference in sports ... Continue Reading

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Some important facts about speed and agility training

In this article we provide some interesting facts about speed and agility. If you want to learn more, please sign up to become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer with our Agility Training Institute. 1. Speed and agility are highly trainable qualities, which is why this form of training is in high demand from so many people. 2. Athletes have chronological age and training age. Athletes in their early teens have a window where they can really develop speed and agility. However, athletes who have not trained much in the past (young training age) also ... Continue Reading

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The importance of speed and agility training

In sports today, there is one quality that sets athletes of all ages and abilities apart. Fortunately for you, that quality is highly in demand and highly trainable. What is that one trainable, highly desired quality? It is speed, and everything that comes with it: agility, reaction time, and the strength, power, and endurance that enable quickness. In just about every sport, speed can make all the difference. Speed can be the difference in winning or losing a game. It can be the difference in scoring or missing a point, or in catching or dropping ... Continue Reading

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