Here are two boxing fitness tips for you, one about boxing fitness form, and one about attracting boxing fitness clients.

First, a tip about boxing fitness form:

In Boxing as in many sports, it is important to DO LESS to get more. So many people use too much energy throwing punches. They flail around with their arms, have too much extraneous
movement, and lean in and out with their body (and head, making for a great target).

Do less.

For instance, with the upper cut, use the core to drive the punch upward. The arm does very little.

With the jab, go straight from point A to point B, and then put the arm back where you got it.

With the right, drive with the pivot points and the core, not with the arm. Do less and you get a lot more power.

Second (a marketing tip):

There are way too many generic fitness trainers out there. And most of them are lazy when it comes to marketing.

The fact is that a great marketer with okay skills will do better than a lousy marketer with the top qualifications. It’s not a pleasant fact, but it is true.

You have to get out there and market your fitness services. Your goal should be to become the go-to fitness professional in your area.

There are ways to do this, which include:

– Knowing how to talk about your fitness services in a way that gets attention.

– Getting visible in the right places, to the right people.

– Having a hot, in-demand, unique offering (like Boxing Fitness, Kickboxing Fitness, and/or Self-Defense).

– Using low-cost, high-impact tactics that attract desirable clients your way.

Is marketing a priority for you? If not, expect to continue to scrape by.

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