We find that many fitness professionals sometimes have misconceptions about developing strength, power, and muscle endurance. Read some of the myths below and see which ones may apply to you.

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MYTH ONE: Cardio activities increase metabolism the same or more than Strength training activities.

FACT: Once a cardio workout is done, its effect on metabolism ends. Research shows that a high intensity strength workout can keep the metabolism up for hours to days after the workout.


MYTH TWO: You need to do at least an hour of strength training to get results.

FACT: With our Strength for the Streets program, most people are tapped out after 30 minutes, and still get fantastic increases in strength and power. Busy professionals love this aspect of the program, because we save them time.


MYTH THREE: No pain, no gain — especially in strength training.

FACT: Wrong! You don’t need to strain to get that one last rep done. Your body develops strength when it is strong and fresh. Straining it will only lead to injury, and won’t product great results.


MYTH FOUR: You can’t develop strength with only a few reps.

FACT: You develop endurance with lots of reps. However, even there, our program gets results which many fewer reps than most people would imagine. Some exercises need only 5 reps to
get results. That’s because our exercises are so different than the typical fitness facility routines. They are based on best practices from around the world, including military units that had to build strength with a limited amount of time.


MYTH FIVE: Strength training is only important for the “macho” types.

FACT: People from all walks of life love and benefit from our program, whether macho or not. This includes: anyone wanting to get in better shape, rehabilitation patients, weekend warriors, white-collar professionals, amateur athletes, professional athletes, martial artists, rescue workers, and people preparing to enter the Army Ranger training program.


MYTH SIX: Weight machines get results.

FACT: Weight machines get some results, but do not provide anything near the kind of strength training required to succeed in real-life situations. Real life strength requires non-linear, asymmetrical movements. Also, the body gets used to the same old exercise routines after a while, and stops responding. That’s why people who think they are strong find Strength for the Streets challenging: We constantly provide new exercises that take the body to the next level, and challenge all levels of fitness.


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