Exercises with improvised unconventional objects (e.g., sandbags, rockballs, and weight sleds) can really set your fitness practice apart. These exercises are a lot of fun and very challenging, but not so challenging that people can’t do them.

They have a great impact on the overall body. They challenge you in ways that fixed weight will never do, and provide simulation for real-life crises and situations. That’s because they
force the body to adjust to irregular shapes and uneven weight distribution.

Most unconventional objects are easy and inexpensive to make, with materials like rock gravel and contractor’s bags that you can get at any hardware store.

Our “Strength for the Streets” program shows you how to incorporate these objects into your workouts (and how to make them at low cost and hassle).

These exercises bring a bit of the “old school” training back into vogue, and people from all walks of life love this type of workout. We work with a number of dignified professionals, such
as surgeons and accountants, and they dig into the sandbags and rockballs and get a real kick out of them.

For instance, rockballs are fantastic for building gut-level strength in emergency situations. Most crises begin with a brutal, abrupt few seconds and then are followed by an extended period in which you have several seconds or minutes to get out of a situation. Whether it is a car crash, explosion, drowning, or street attack, something happens immediately and then you have a few seconds or minutes to help yourself and others.

Rockball training prepares people for this type of situation. They are much heavier than medicine balls, weighting 90 to 120 pounds. Working with a rockball nicely simulates what it is like to move a heavy person – whether in a fight or a rescue situation.

Learn how easy and fun it is to train others in these exercises by signing up for “Strength for the Streets” today.

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