The first secret to protecting yourself is to be an inconvenient target to an attacker.

Of course, this means exercising street smarts, a subject we will cover in another blog article.

But sometimes street smarts are not enough.

Sometimes, like it or not, you have no choice but to protect yourself.

In such a situation, you must become an inconvenient target. Attackers look for easy prey. You want to be a challenge.

Therefore, if somebody approaches you in a way that seems strange, you MUST be prepared to make a scene and to shock and distract your attacker.

Making a scene is not hard. What is hard is being prepared to give up everything you have learned about “good manners” and social graces. If someone is attacking you,
you need to react quickly. You have no time to worry about how you look or whether you are making a fool out of yourself.

You must be ready to scream, scratch, bite, kick, spit, and do whatever else is required to make a scene.

So, when someone approaches you and seems likely to attack:

1. Take a step back and put your hands up, palms out (in the “Stop” position). This is a non-aggressive but effective defensive position.

2. Yell “Stop!” and keep yelling as long as it takes to get attention. Kids should be trained to yell a long time, starting with, “Get away from me.
I don’t know you and you are not my parent. Get the heck away from me….”

3. If the attacker grabs you, shock him with a clap on the ears, scratch in the eyes, poke in the throat, toe/knee in the groin, or anything else you can do to hit them in their vulnerable areas.

4. NEVER stop struggling. It only gets harder as time passes. Keep yelling and fighting and try to get attention. If you get even a split second of time, run as fast as you can to get somewhere

Bottom line: Forget what you have learned about good manners when you are attacked.

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