The world is not the way it used to be, when kids  could ride their bikes alone all day and even into the night, or when women could walk alone in the dark and not worry. That’s why we provide you with a Street Smart Guide to use to give to your clients when you teach Self-Defense when you get Certified as a Self-Defense Fitness Trainer with us.

Your clients need to be aware and alert at all times, and your information could make a huge difference to them.

Here are a few tips you should know, and can share:

– Walk confidently and with your head up, scanning your environment. Teens especially need to walk without slouching or looking down.

– Wherever you go, look for suspicious people or obvious hiding place s. Think about exit routes if something should happen. Be especially aware in familiar places where you are likely to let your guard down.

– Have frequent talks with kids about what constitutes  inappropriate touching and conversations.Help kids develop their instincts and feel very comfortable saying no.

– Monitor anyone who spends  lots of time with your kids, especially people you know well. Be especially alert during holiday times, when alcohol can come into play.

– Get to know the parents of your kids’ friends.

– Keep your keys out and ready when you are unlocking your car or opening your door. Don’t be caught fumbling around for your keys.

– Don’t go to ATMs at night. Instead, if you need cash, go to the local grocery store and make a small purchase. Then request cash back.

– If you must let your kids out of your sight, insist on frequent “check-ins” via cell phone.

There are 150 more Street Smart tips for you to offer clients when you get Certified with us as a Self-Defense Trainer. Why delay? The information you offer could make the difference.

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