Here at the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, we get kind of upset when we go to a gym and see a fitness professional using improper kickboxing technique during workouts.

But it happens all the time — and many of these professionals are supposedly certified in programs with the word “kickboxing” in them.

Here is what we see:

– People throwing punches with their arms, instead of with their core. The arm is meant to be the delivery mechanism of the punch. But proper pivoting by the body (in 4 places, to
be exact) is what gives a punch power. When you throw punches with your arms, you put your shoulder at wrist and also don’t get nearly the full workout that you do with proper technique.

– The wrong stance. Everything starts with the proper stance, yet so many people don’t even teach stance correctly. Elbows in and hands up, for crying out loud!

– Sloppy kicks. There is a discipline to kicking correctly. If you kick improperly, you WILL hurt your knees, and possibly your toes, ankles, and hips. Learn the right way to kick.

Also, we have found that people are sick and tired of the musical version of kickboxing workouts, with an emphasis on rhythm and bad music rather than on good solid routines and 2-3 minute rounds of heavy workouts. If you aren’t breaking your workouts into traditional rounds of 2-3 minutes, you are missing out and so are your clients.

Finally, we also show you how to set up circuits so that your clients are always engaged in a fun and varied workout, and not stuck in a boring row formation with everyone else.

Isn’t it time to start teaching kickboxing fitness the right way, with proper form, and with the set up that keeps people coming back and raving about you to others?

Let world-champion kickboxer Erik Marshall show you proper technique and form — and how to set up a workout that gets REAL results.

Choose the program that is best for you!