In our experience, there are two types of fitness programs:

The first type of program is great for clients who want “beach muscles” and/or want to look pretty.

The second type of program builds true strength, endurance, and power.

It is important to be honest about which kind of program, and which results, you offer.

In the first case, you are toning the body. But you aren’t giving people the kind of strength they need to be more effective in their everyday situations, in crises, or in sports.

To get those kinds of on-the-street real results, you have to offer a different type of program.

For instance, you need to offer a variety of non-linear exercises with heavy objects, as opposed to a circuit of machine-based weights. Non-linear exercises force the body to adjust as it would in a crisis situation, while carrying heavy objects in real life, or while performing on the sports field.

Unconventional objects like sandbags, rockballs, and weight sleds, along with kettlebells (which have now become a mainstream training tool!) and innovative ways to use weight plates, one’s own body weight, and dumbbells — all of these can build real strength, power, and endurance.

They also have the benefit of creating a unique, fun, innovative workout that your clients will love.

At the same time, because these workouts are so effective, most clients need only about 30 minutes to get results. That is a benefit in today’s busy world.

Consider adding an entirely new, results-driven strength and endurance program to your routines. Set yourself apart by offering something no one else in your area is doing.

Most importantly, give your clients the results they want!

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Choose the program that is best for you!