Here at the Boxing Fitness Institute, we constantly receive great reports from our members about the results they get from our program.

In recent months we particularly appreciate having heard from returned military who have signed up for our program in order to transition to civilian life.

On another note, here is a great story from a member who is a Mom and simply wanted to teach Boxing Fitness to her children:

“I guess I am not quite the typical profile for a boxing fitness trainer, but I have worked pretty hard to get to that point. Your program has been very helpful in highlighting every technical aspect of driving punches. In fact I impressed my two instructors yesterday night with ‘my good forms.’ I was approached last January by another Boxing Fitness teacher to take over a class…As flattering as it seemed at the time, I was shocked that such a responsibility could be so lightly handed to me. I guess here you could say ‘I chickened out,’ resuming to a harder training for me (I strongly believe that whatever you teach you need to inspire), yet unable to find in me the charisma to motivate a group.

But alas the word was out, and my family (of 4 children 13 to 22) seemed to believe more in me than myself. So to end my story this is my gift to me and them: yes I got certified. I am not sure whether or not I’ll use it privately, publicly or at all. It is, as you can see, mostly a goal I set myself to accomplish. I believe, I’ll always be a learner with some experience in the fitness world…

I was approached again in August by yet another instructor who asked me to teach. Who knows, in French we say: ‘jamais 2 sans 3’ meaning ‘if there is 2, 3 will come around’…and this time I’ll be ready to tackle the task, more confident! Thank you.”

– Helene

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