The Agility Training Institute’s Certified Speed & Agility Trainer

Get one of the Most Sought-After Certifications in Fitness: Become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer.

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Get one of the Most Sought-After Certifications in Fitness:

Become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer with the Agility Training Institute

Tap into a massive market, high-paying clients,
and unlimited income potential… especially when we give you
a proven marketing guide to attract high-paying clients fast,

Why Speed & Agility is a Must-Have Certification

  1. You can make measurable improvements with your clients. Speed is measurable and improvable.
  2. The market for people who want to get faster is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for fitness training in the world today. In your very own community, there are literally thousands of potential clients who would sign up for a speed and agility training program in an instant, if they knew about what you have to offer them.A huge population is impatient to get faster and more agile, including:
    1. High school athletes involved in almost every sport requiring speed and agility (football, baseball, softball, tennis, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, track and field, volleyball, field hockey, and many more).
    2. College athletes involved in almost every sport.
    3. Aspiring professional athletes.
    4. College and high school coaches who want their teams to be faster.
    5. Club tennis players and USTA teams.
    6. Adult league players (e.g. softball, flag football, tennis, indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball, volleyball).
    7. Adult and youth soccer players.
    8. Summer training camps.
    9. Semi-professional athletes, especially in baseball, football, and soccer.
    10. Personal training clients who want a fun and unique workout.
    11. People of all ages who want to get into great shape, have a great time, and see measurable results.
    12. The youth summer camp market.

Advantages of The Agility Training Institute’s Certified Agility Trainer Certification

  • The program developer, Richard Lansky, has unbeatable qualifications.
  • The materials are comprehensive and practical, taking you from dynamic warm ups to specific drills for specific situations.
  • We have a proven track record. Fitness trainers and coaches from around the world have raved about this program for over a decade.
  • The price is extremely affordable compared to any other program on the market.
  • It is easy to learn and implement. We emphasize application, not theory. The program breaks everything down into step-by-step format.
  • We always include a marketing manual with our programs.
  • You get ongoing support anytime you need it!
  • Approved for 20 CEUs with ISSA and NFPTA.

“Training for speed and agility will give my athletes the edge they need to excel. I definitely recommend The Certified Speed and Agility Trainer program to anybody working in the fitness industry. It provides you with all of the tools you will need to design and effectively implement a program for your clients to increase their speed and functional strength.”

Shawn Fcasni, MHSc, ATC, CSCS, PES, Philadelphia Phillies.

What’s Included?
Everything you need to start immediately!

  • Comprehensive manual. You receive everything you need to know to become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer, in step-by-step format and with 122 photos and diagrams to demonstrate correct and incorrect form and technique. When we say everything is included, we mean it: getting started, safety, screening forms, waivers, dynamic warm ups, speed starts, proper running form, plyometrics, agility drills, sports-specific drills, program design, strength and endurance training for speed, and specific workouts, AND MUCH MORE. This is a comprehensive manual that you will refer to again and again. PLUS, we tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to train specific types of clients, literally down to the minute with point by point plans.
  • Two DVDs showing 98 different drills and exercises. You get TWO DVDs with short, easy-to-follow video clips (that’s about 120 minutes of video), so that you can quickly learn and teach them. This is in addition to the still photos showing precise technique in your manual.
  • Certificate on 11.5 X 8” quality card stock paper suitable for framing.
  • Member area with all videos and content for 24/7 access.
  • The Speed and Agility Trainer’s Marketing Guide. You get a practical and proven guide to marketing Speed and Agility programs in your community. Easy to read and understand, the Guide shows you exactly how to attract high-paying clients — step-by-step, by the numbers. It includes: marketing materials, your action plan, setting up group classes, youth programs, camps, and more. If you can read and follow simple, very easy-to-understand directions, this Manual will make you lots of money
  • How to set up a practice with minimal budget and space, including how to use outdoor fields to run training sessions.

About Your Trainer, Richard Lansky

Richard Lansky has dedicated the last 20 years to becoming an expert in speed, power, strength, and conditioning. He has a thriving personal coaching and training practice, runs speed and agility camps that sell out regularly, and prepares athletes for the NFL combines. He knows what it takes to get all the fitness clients he can handle, build a successful fitness practice, and get rave reviews from his clients.

Click here to read more about Rich Lansky’s extensive background

What People Are Saying About This Program

“This program has helped me to be the best athlete that I could be…and it can do the same for you!”

Drew MillerFormer Center/Guard, Jacksonville JaguarsCaptain and Center, University of Florida Gators Football Team

“Rich Lansky is extremely well respected in the field and a fantastic and remarkably knowledgeable coach and teacher.”

Frank DiMeoCrossFit Gulf Coast, CPT (NSCA)

“…Rich Lansky is the Best Choice for Collegiate Athletic Preparation.”

John HaskinsStanford Football AlumniFormer NFL and XFL Player

“Rich Lansky has been my coach for over six years now and has become like a second father to me. Ever since I became one of his athletes, he has made sure I received the best training possible, whether it was from a distance (sending my training regimen over the email and coaching my technique after watching my videos) or face-to-face. With Rich’s coaching and guidance, I have been able to medal internationally and compete at the 2004 and 2008 United States Olympic Trials. I could not have achieved any of this without the help of Coach Rich Lansky!”

Jessica FidesElite Lifter

“I literally owe everything to… Rich Lansky. Rich has not only been a reference, but a mentor, coach, and friend. The techniques and workout ethics gained from training with him are as much of a reason that I am at Florida State right now as anything. He taught me about one of the most important things in life, which is how to overcome yourself. Thank you very much to Rich Lansky for all the help.”

Tyler Peacock CSCS, USAWAssistant Strength & Conditioning, Coach Florida State University Athletics, 2006 Men's Track & Field National Champions

“Rich Lansky is one of the best coaches that I know. He is continually working to upgrade his knowledge to improve his training programs. The programs that he offers the athletes at OPTI will make a significant difference in any athlete’s athletic development.”

Vern GambettaGambetta Sports Training Systems

“Rich Lansky is an exceptional strength and conditioning coach who understands the components of sports. Strength, speed, power, and agility are all key qualities necessary to perform as an athlete. Coach Lansky has the unique skill of program design to successfully enhance each area resulting in a top performing athlete. An outstanding motivator, Rich clearly gets the most out of those he trains”

Jerry PalmieriNFL Strength & Conditioning Coach

Thanks again or everything; you have been a big help. Since I became certified I now train 2 hockey teams, 24 soccer teams, and I have countless private sessions.

Jeff Miller, Fitness Professional, Las Vegas NV

Training for speed and agility
Training for speed and agility will give my athletes the edge they need to excel. I definitely recommend The Certified Speed and Agility Trainer program to anybody working in the fitness industry. It provides you with all of the tools you will need to design and effectively implement a program for your clients to increase their speed and functional strength.

Shawn Fcasni, MHSc, ATC, CSCS, PESPhiladelphia Phillies. Minor League Conditioning Coordinator

How It Works

We have made it super easy and fast for you to become a Certified Speed & Agility Trainer.

This program is designed to get you certified quickly. All you need is a few hours to read the materials at your pace. The materials are simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step and include two DVDs and dozens and dozens of photos to help you learn fast.

You can be certified as quickly as you want – even within a couple of weeks.

Remember – your program includes one-on-one coaching, so that if you ever need questions answered, you will get a fast, personal response.

It is easy to get started. Simply sign up on this page and we ship your materials out within one business day via Priority Mail. Shipping is included in your price.

Register here to get started now…

Your investment in this program is $285, payable in six monthly installments of $47.50. Or, you can pay $237.50 up front and save $40. That’s all! Simply click the button below to choose the payment option that works best for you.

A single new client pays for this program many times over. You don’t have to think long and hard to calculate your return on investment. Other programs charge literally thousands of dollars for this type of content. You don’t need to do that!

Register today. This is a must-have fitness niche and we show you everything you need to know to run in-demand programs with a wide variety of clients who can’t wait to learn how to be faster and more agile. Why wouldn’t you?

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