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Here’s the Quickest & Easiest Way for You To Attract High-Paying Clients….
(And Get Into The Hottest Fitness Trend Today !)
Now Approved for 20 Units of CEUs from ISSA

The Boxing Fitness Institute shows you
the quickest & easiest way to attract high paying clients….
(And get into what is always one of the top fitness trends year after year, month after month)

Get Certified As a Boxing Fitness Trainer

PLUS: Learn from THE PIONEER in the field!

8 Reasons YOU Should Be a Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer

  1. Set yourself apart by offering one of the most popular workouts available.
  2. Teach people how to fight without actually having to fight.
  3. Attract all sorts of clients: affluent men and women, white collar boxers, cardio, endurance and conditioning, high-end private lessons, women only classes, youth, cross trainers, MMA, aspiring boxers.
  4. Help people get into the best shape of their lives.
  5. The workout combines cardio, strength, and endurance – and keeps people coming back because it is so fun.
  6. It never goes out of style and is always popular.
  7. It attracts high-paying clients, which is why it is also called White Collar Boxing.
  8. You don’t need any previous background.

Advantages of The Boxing Fitness Institute’s Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Our track record is unbeatable and unmatched. Almost two decades training fitness professionals from around the world in the best practices of boxing fitness.
  • We were among the first to certify and train trainers, and remain the go-to program in the industry.
  • Program developer Tony Spain is widely known as a pioneer in the field. Even the most seasoned boxers and trainers come to him because of his amazing eye for proper form, and his ability to create fun, safe workouts.
  • The top fitness companies in the world rely on boxing fitness instructors with our certifications.
  • Learn and teach actual, proper boxing form. Other programs cut corners and don’t teach actual boxing. As a result, participants get bored or, worse, injured.
  • The program breaks down everything into step-by-step format. It is incredibly easy to learn and teach. You learn with our manual, complete with photos, and our videos, in the comfort and convenience of your home, at your own pace.
  • We always include a marketing manual with our programs.
  • You get ongoing support anytime you need it!
  • Approved for 20 CEUs with ISSA and NFPTA.


“This is the most fun you can have in a workout that I have ever experienced yet. It beats aerobics class hands down!”

Tricia Wilds, Professional Model

What’s Included?
Everything you need to start immediately!

  • Comprehensive manual with photos, step by step instruction, sample waivers, how to get started with little or no equipment, sample workouts, setting up stations, warm ups and warm downs, and marketing guide so you can market boxing fitness easily and effectively.
  • DVD breaking down everything you need to do to lead safe and effective programs – from wrapping hands to warm ups, proper stance, each and every punch, fun and exciting workouts, how to set up stations whether you have lots of equipment or almost none at all, and plenty of demonstrations showing what to do and what not to do.
  • Certificate on 11.5 X 8” parchment-quality paper suitable for framing.
  • Member area with all videos and content for 24/7 access.
  • Special report #1: 5 complete one-hour workout routines.
  • Special report #2: How to Kick start your Boxing Fitness Practice.
  • Special report #3: How to make additional income selling ancillary boxing fitness products.
  • Marketing manual with Tony Spain’s secrets to attracting top clients and charging at the highest end of the market, from group lessons to private lessons to ongoing memberships.
  • How to set up a gym even if with minimal space, as well as alternative formats like being a mobile boxing fitness instructor and even training on a beach or in a park.
Tony Spain

About Your Trainer, Tony Spain

Tony Spain is the creator of Absolute Boxing Fitness in Sarasota, Florida. He is a Licensed Florida Boxing Trainer, Certified USA Amateur Boxing Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. His 25 years of Boxing experience and achievements include: former Golden Glove Champion, undefeated 4-time Toughman Champion and a former Professional title contender. Tony is widely recognized in the USA and internationally as a pioneer in training fitness professionals in boxing fitness. Fitness trainers from around the world come to him for his precision and step-by-step system.

“Tony’s Boxing Fitness is not only the best workout I’ve ever had, it’s also the most fun I’ve ever had working out.”

Beth CarpenterReal Estate Developer

“I am a full time student/bartender. Tony’s Boxing Fitness class has kept me on a consistent workout schedule for the first time in my life. Tony is an amazing trainer….”

Allina Branham

“I was so bored with my regular gym that I quit. Tony’s Boxing Fitness is simply awesome. I take personal training and group classes. It is fun, and so I keep coming back. Tony gets me in the best shape of my life with a wide variety of strength training, boxing skills, aerobic conditioning, and balance/agility. My body looks and feels much stronger, and I’m having a blast.”

Andrew NeitlichManagement Consultant

“This is more than a boxing training program. The conditioning drills, plyometrics and self-defense skills exceeded my expectations.”

Bill Clampitt

“Tony Spain and Boxing Fitness have helped me build confidence and defeat fear. I’ve been training for two years and still look forward to every class!”

Nancy EvansPhoto journalist

“Boxing Fitness with Tony Spain is an awesome workout. I have enjoyed every minute. We have a blast!”

Caryl BouzianeAerobics Instructor

“Tony’s Boxing Fitness routine is the most innovative and fun cross-training I’ve ever done. It is fun and easy to learn.”

Cathy ClampittBodybuilding ChampionSarasota FL

“Tony’s Boxing Fitness is an in-depth and well-balanced program. His scope and content are excellent with an eye on safety. It blends well with my Kettlebell training program.”

Frank DiMeoNSCA-CPT, Qualified Level-1 Kettlebell Instructor through KettleBell Concepts

“Tony Spain and his Boxing Fitness — a great workout and excellent for core training, total body fitness, and aerobic exercise.”

Sally PonzioPilates Certified Instructor and Aerobics Certified Instructor

“Since I’ve been working with Tony, I’ve noticed an increase in my overall hand-speed and combination speed. His program is easy to learn and easy to teach. It is a great program to offer with my martial arts classes.”

Eric MarshallWorld Champion Kickboxer and Fitness

How It Works

You will be surprised how easy and fast it is to become a Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer.

This program is designed to get you certified quickly. All you need is a few hours to read the materials at your pace. The materials are simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step and include over 30 video clips and 114 photos to help you learn fast.

You can be certified as quickly as you want – even within a week.

Remember – your program includes one-on-one coaching, so that if you ever need questions answered, you will get a fast, personal response.

It is easy to get started. Simply sign up on this page and we ship your materials out within one business day via Priority Mail. Shipping is included in your price.

Register here to get started now…

Your investment in this program is $237.50, payable in five monthly installments of $47.50. Or, you can pay $197.50 up front and save $40. That’s all! Simply click the button below to choose the payment option that works best for you.

A single new client pays for this program many times over. You don’t have to think long and hard to calculate your return on investment.

Register today. This is a turnkey program in a sizzling fitness niche that never goes out of style. Why wouldn’t you?

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