Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute’s Certified Self-Defense Trainer

Teach people how to protect themselves with an easy-to-learn turnkey system ….Get Certified as a Self-Defense Trainer and receive two great programs for the price of one

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Teach self-defense to women, youth, and families:

Become a Certified Self-Defense Trainer

If ever there were a time to be teaching self-defense in your community, now is it.
This is the perfect add-on or standalone program for any fitness trainer, community
leader, or anyone who wants to make a difference… PLUS we give you a proven
marketing guide to attract students!


Why the Family Safety & Self-Defense Institute’s Self-Defense Trainer Certification is Must-Have:

  1. The world is a dangerous place. Here are some facts:
    1. One in three women and one in four men will become victim of violent crime in his or her lifetime.
    2. 73% of violent crime occurs within five miles of the victim’s home.
    3. A robbery occurs every 59 seconds.
    4. A rape occurs every six minutes.
    5. One out of every 100 households will have an automobile stolen and 2% of them will be by carjacking.
    6. More than 35,000 children are forcibly abducted each year.
    7. One in 12 women are stalked at some time in their lives. Last year, nearly 1,007,000 women were stalked.
    8. 80% of all restraining orders attained against stalkers are violated.
  2. While there are obviously no guarantees in life, you can help your clients and their families be more aware of these dangers, be more likely to avoid them, and be better prepared if they are attacked. How valuable would that make you to them?

  3. No special skills are needed. Whether you already know martial arts or not, this program is easy to learn and teach.

  4. You can offer this program in many ways, both standalone and as something to add to other fitness programs you already offer.


Advantages of The Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute’s Self-Defense Trainer Certification.

  • Two great instructors: The program developer, Thomas Bloomfied, has unbeatable qualifications as a former U.S. Marine and top tier martial artist and instructor. You also receive world champion kickboxer Erik Marshall’s Self-Defense trainer program, so that you get training from two leading instructors.
  • Everything is broken out in step-by-step instructions, including videos and hundreds of illustrations. It is easy to learn and then teach. You always have easy-to-use reference guides.
  • Comes with ongoing support. This is not just a book that you read or a DVD set that you watch. We are here to answer your specific questions.
  • The focus is on easy-to-learn self-defense. This isn’t about taking tests to get belts or memorizing katas or making students jump through frustrating hoops. This is self-defense for women, children, and families. It is easy to learn, and meant for teaching regular people in the community. That way, the market is huge, the content is fun, and people will enjoy learning from you.
  • The materials are comprehensive and practical, taking you from how to start classes to specific drills and how to teach them, to how to wrap up classes.
  • The price is extremely affordable compared to any other program on the market. Plus, you essentially get TWO PROGRAMS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE because we also include world-champion martial artist Erik Marshall’s 20 self-defense scenarios.
  • It is easy to learn and implement. We emphasize application, not theory. The program breaks everything down into step-by-step format.
  • We always include a marketing manual with our programs so that you can attract high-paying clients.
  • Approved for 20 CEUs with ISSA and NFPTA.

“This program is great. It has taught my ten-year old son exactly what to do if somebody tries to grab him or bully him in school. His techniques are simple to learn and fun, and now I am teaching them to everyone I know.”

Elena L., Sarasota FL

What’s Included?
Everything you need to start immediately!

  • Comprehensive manual. A set of 3 DVDs breaking down the content into eight modules (over 3 hours and 58 clips), each showing different aspects of self-defense. These easy-to-follow videos show real people – men, women, and children – defending themselves in common self-defense situations. Also, acclaimed instructor Tom Bloomfield walks you through each scenario and move, in step-by-step fashion. The eight modules are broken down into easy to follow steps, so you can learn and become proficient at you own pace. Click below to learn more about the modules you receive with the program.
  • Self-Defense Instructor Manual. With this comprehensive instructor manual, we show you exactly how to set up and organize your classes, teach the moves, and keep participants safe and motivated. It shows every single situation and tactic covered in the DVDS – broken down into steps, with still photos to illustrate each movement. You’ll quickly see how this guide reinforces what’s taught in the videos and helps the lessons become second nature to you
  • Street Smart Child and the Street Smart Adult checklists. These comprehensive checklists are important teaching tools for you to help your students AVOID dangerous situations before they happen.
  • World Champion Kickboxer Erik Marshall’s Self-Defense Instructor Video and Manual, including 20 additional self-defense scenarios and Erik’s high energy, unique approach to self-defense.
  • Certificate attesting to your status as a Self-Defense Trainer on 11.5 X 8” quality card stock paper suitable for framing.
  • Member area with all videos and content for 24/7 access.
  • Marketing Manual to Attract High-Paying Clients and Be THE Go-To Fitness Professional in Your Community. Many fitness professionals struggle when it comes to earning the money they deserve. Your Youth Athlete Performance Institute Marketing Manual shows you a proven system – including sample marketing collateral – to attract clients. If you can follow step-by-step instructions, this marketing manual could give you the income you want and deserve.

About your trainers: Thomas Bloomfield and Erik Marshall

A great advantage of our Self-Defense Trainer Certification is that you get two programs in one, and learn from two great masters.

Thomas Bloomfield has a remarkable record of teaching self-defense and martial arts to adults and children. Tom has studied Martial Arts for over twenty-eight years and in eight different

disciplines. At the age of 14, he even became a Sifu (instructor) in Lung Gung Fa – Kung Fu. He is the 2001-2002 Florida State Champion of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). In addition to serving as President of The Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute, Tom has led successful martial arts instruction studios. He is also a retired Marine.

Tom’s experience allows him to offer a broad spectrum of training, methodology, and instruction to his students. He is known for his clear, concise teaching style and his ability to connect with his students through humor and empathy. His self-defense program distills the best practices of his broad experience into a simple, easy-to-learn system.

Erik Mashall, who leads the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, is a world champion kickboxer has traveled and competed across the country and the world. He is a second degree black belt in Moodokwan, or full contact kickboxing, and is an eight-time amateur and three-time professional kickboxing champion (including two professional world titles and five amateur world titles).

He owns and operates Xtreme Marshall Arts, a leading training center for martial arts and fitness. He is a member of the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA), United States Kickboxing Association (USKBA), International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), World Kickboxing Organization (WKO), and Professional Kickboxing Federation (PKF).

What People Are Saying About This Program

“In addition to teaching self-defense, your program taught me about how to establish boundaries to keep my children safe and help them be more responsible. Thank you for making me a better parent.”

Tatiana LVenice FL

“I just wanted to say that Mr. Bloomfield has been a wonderful influence on my two sons ages 5 and 11, building stronger bodies, minds, confidence and respect both for themselves and others.”

John I.Sarasota FL

“I got into this with my daughter. I did some martial arts in high school, but Tom teaches true, practical self-defense. My daughter’s self-confidence has increased along with mine. This program is great, for anybody, and is excellent for families to do together.”

Anthony S.North Port FL

“Tom’s instruction has given me more discipline, confidence, and helped me trim down and stay healthy.”

Julie M.North Port FL

“This program is so easy to learn, and fun to do. This kind of wisdom should be taught in every school. What Tom teaches is truly amazing – and yet simple to learn.”

Andrew T.Bridgewater MA

“I’ve learned so much from this program. Tom Bloomfield’s approach is amazing because you don’t need to know any fancy or difficult martial arts moves. He shows normal women like me how to defend ourselves by using our natural instincts.”

Joan M.Chicago IL

“I am able to now understand how my environment can help me protect myself in a dangerous situation.”

Mark B.Brooklyn NY

“I thought that to disable an attacker you had to be huge and strong. I now see that there are numerous opportunities for anyone of any size to stun an attacker. Size and strength are less important than knowing key parts of the body and simple moves. I´ll always have the upper hand in any dangerous or fighting situation.”

Sam R.Osprey FL

“This program provided me with a sense of internal power and confidence that I hadn’t felt before. Now I am armed to stand up for myself..

Nancy T.Los Angeles CA

“This program breaks self-defense into easy to learn steps for teaching people how to really protecting themselves if the need arises. Terrific!”

Andy T.Osprey FL

How It Works

We have made it super easy and fast for you to become a Certified Self-Defense Trainer.

This program is designed to get you certified quickly. All you need is a few hours to read the materials at your pace. The materials are simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step and include a DVD and dozens and dozens of photos to help you learn fast.

You can be certified as quickly as you want – even within a couple of weeks.

Remember – your program includes one-on-one coaching, so that if you ever need questions answered, you will get a fast, personal response.

It is easy to get started. Simply sign up on this page and we ship your materials out within one business day via Priority Mail. Shipping is included in your price.

Register here to get started now…

Your investment in this program is $285, payable in six monthly installments of $47.50. Or, you can pay $237.50 up front and save $47.50. That’s all! Simply click the button below to choose the payment option that works best for you.

A single new client pays for this program many times over. You don’t have to think long and hard to calculate your return on investment. Other programs charge literally thousands of dollars for this type of content. You don’t need to do that!

Register today. This is a must-have fitness niche and we show you everything you need to know to run in-demand programs with a wide variety of clients who can’t wait to learn how to be faster and more agile. Why wouldn’t you?

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