Many people question whether ordinary people really can fight off muggers.

Now at least three long-term studies provide proof, and this is good news for members/trainers with The Family Safety Institute.

A 10-year study of attacks on women (covering 733 rapes, 1278 sexual assaults, and 12,235 regular assaults) showed that resisting an attempted attack lowered the odds of
the bad guy completing the act by almost two thirds.

A study of 3,206 assaults against women revealed that women who fought back early in the attack (as we teach in our Family Safety Institute program) were 1/2 as likely
to be injured. 75% of the women asked in this study said that fighting back helped.

Another 10-year study of victims in 27,595 violent crimes showed that in all sorts of crimes (assault, sexual assault, robbery, and burglary) resisting
led to less injury than not resisting. Also, resisting reduces the likelihood of the crime succeeding by 20-48%.

There are never guarantees in life, but you do want to have the odds in your favor. Get Certified with us now to be able to teach people in your community the secrets to effective resistance.

You can make a huge difference!

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