The human body is loaded with vulnerable spots. To defend yourself effectively, and teach your clients to do the same, one must focus on these spots and strike them.

So, what are the vulnerable spots of the body?

If you are attacked, focus on these spots on your attacker:

Eyes. Poke and scratch.

Ears. A good cuff to one or both ears is very disorienting. Biting the ear also works.

Nose. A strike to the nose can distract somebody.

Throat. Poke the throat and your attacker will need to recover.

Sternum/solar plexus. Striking here can knock the wind out of someone.

Top of the arm. There is a sensitive nerve on the top of the arm. Hit it hard with a hammer fist and your attacker will be inclined to let go of you.

Groin. Kick, knee, or punch the groin.

Shins. A toe kick to the shin can really hurt.

Top of the foot/instep. The top of our feet are also quite sensitive.

Side of knee. A strike to the side of the knee can cause enough pain and distraction to break free.

Our programs teach you exactly how to strike these vulnerable spots — and many more — for maximum effect to get away or call others for help. We even show a 6-year old attacking these spots!

Research shows that the majority of people who evade attackers do so by fighting back, in order to make a quick escape or call out for help.

You can teach families basic self-defense. All people need is a split second of distraction so that they can get away from an attacker or call attention to others for help. Get Certified today as a Self-Defense Trainer with our Family Safety & Self-Defense Trainer Program.

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