In this article we provide some interesting facts about speed and agility. If you want to learn more, please sign up to become a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer with our Agility Training Institute.

1. Speed and agility are highly trainable qualities, which is why this form of training is in high demand from so many people.

2. Athletes have chronological age and training age. Athletes in their early teens have a window where they can really develop speed and agility. However, athletes who have not trained much in the past (young training age) also have the opportunity to improve.

3. The greatest improvements in speed come from improving acceleration, not top speed. That’s why trainers should focus 80% of their time on agility and acceleration.

4. It takes most athletes 60 yards or more to really hit their top speed! That’s why it is best to focus on the first 10-20 yards of a run.

5. Elite sprinters might only touch the ground for 1/100 of a second or less when they are at top speed. Sprinting is a plyometric activity that makes this kind of weight transfer possible, and so
plyometric training is an important component of speed and agility training.

6. The emphasis on a strong running start is on backside mechanics – all of the actions that take place behind the center of mass. Most crucial is the hip extension.

7. You can get started as a speed and agility trainer with less than $200 of equipment. You don’t even need your own facility!

8. There are an unlimited number of drills you can offer athletes. Our program alone has over 200 drills for you to learn and adapt.

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