Terms and Conditions

By visiting SpecialtyFitnessInstitute.com and purchasing any of our programs, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Privacy: We respect your privacy and will not rent or sell your information to others.
  2. Payment: If you pay via installments, you are agreement to make all payments. Our installment plans have a set start and end time. They are not a subscription that may be cancelled but rather a financial obligation. You may only receive a Certificate of Completion from us when you are paid in full and if you do not complete your payments or stop payment, your right to use any of our materials terminates.
  3. One person per unit: Only one person may use our materials per unit purchased.
  4. Copyright: All materials are copyright by Specialty Fitness Institute and ATN Associates LLC. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce, distribute, or re-sell any of our materials.
  5. Returns and refunds: No returns, refunds, or partial refunds are accepted unless the product arrives with a defect, in which case we are happy to exchange it.
  6. Insurance qualification: The programs we offer are online and are specialty education programs, and not general professional fitness certifications. They are in no way intended to be sufficient to qualify you for liability insurance of any type. If you have purchased liability insurance at any time before or after purchasing a program from us, you explicitly agree that neither we nor our trainers or affiliates have made any representations about your ability to offer any of our programs safely or without injury, and we assume no responsibility or liability for your use of the materials in this program.
  7. Liability and indemnification and WARNING: You understand that all of the programs offered, including fitness training, kickboxing fitness, boxing fitness, self-defense, agility, and strength training have inherent physical risks, including injury and health risks and even risk of death. You agree that all of our trainers, our organization, and our affiliates are not liable for any injury that you, or your clients incur using or attempting to use our programs. You agree to indemnify our organization, trainers, and affiliates for any injuries that may result. You further acknowledge that you are in good physical and mental health and have consulted a physician prior to starting this or any other exercise or fitness training program and, if you are a trainer, have confirmed that your clients have done the same. This paragraph applies to all programs offered on our website.
    You further acknowledge that all program offered by us are basic programs providing basic education and information, as common sense would indicate from a program offered via online/distance learning only. Personal training and fitness training is a profession that requires ongoing education and improvement. Online completion of our programs only indicates that you have demonstrated intellectual understanding of the materials in our programs, and not the proven ability to teach clients safely. Further training is likely required for you to achieve your goals and be able to teach clients safely, effectively, and without injury. THIS PROGRAM MAKES NO CLAIMS ABOUT YOUR OWN OR YOUR CLIENTS’ SAFETY, NOR DOES IT ASSUME ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR WHAT OCCURS UNDER YOUR DIRECT OR INDIRECT SUPERVISION OF CLIENTS.THE BOXING FITNESS, KICKBOXING FITNESS AND SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAMS ON OUR WEBSITES ARE MEANT ONLY FOR NON-CONTACT FITNESS AND NOT FOR ANY FORM OF SPARRING, FIGHTING, OR CONTACT WITH ANOTHER PERSON.
  8. Should you contract with any of the trainers listed on our website for in-person trainings or certifications, you do so at your own risk and without our involvement or endorsement in any way.

Last updated: May 2018