Andre is a master of his craft, and the best trainer I have met throughout my athletic career. I first met Andre when I was in high school; I had just finished my first track season. I came to Andre to better myself as a runner. Andre trained me over the next year, during this time I achieved some of my greatest improvements as an athlete. He created a program that was specific to my sport, he challenged and inspired me. My next track season, I was district and regional champion, and finished second in the state championship. I competed in the Junior Olympic Games that summer. Andre’s guidance brought a whole new dimension to my training that other competitors lacked. Andre is a motivator with a gung-ho attitude that does not just train people, he teaches mental toughness, and perseverance to bring you to the next level. I am now a collegiate runner at the University of Tampa. I still seek guidance and advice from Andre to this day.

Kevin Harley1500m school record holder, University of Tampa.