Your workouts are tough, but that perfect mixture of humor shined through in your leadership of every class. You have a way of leading a group, and speaking to every participant on an individual basis; holding us accountable for our actions. Your classes are like waking the sleeping giant within. I always wanted to be a personal trainer because it was something I felt truly passionate about – however I never felt like I ‘looked’ the part. Three months, 15 pounds and 16 ½ inches later, I have met my goal. I’m proud to say that here I am a year later, a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and now a business owner of my very own boot camp company. I am changing and shaping lives in a positive way, and that is what drives me every day of my life. Not one day goes by that I don’t thank you in my mind for the special gift you gave me – the courage, strength, and tool I needed to pursue my dream and find happiness. And most of all, to reach my full potential in life. Any person that experiences your training workouts is lucky. I hope to be even one-tenth the trainer you were for me.

Maria L. BernardoMBA, NASM CPT, Fitness Solutions by Maria, Inc.