Tatiana L

"In addition to teaching self-defense, your program taught me about how to establish boundaries to keep my children safe and help them be more responsible. Thank you for making me a better parent."

Tatiana L2018-03-09T20:07:13+00:00

John I.

"I just wanted to say that Mr. Bloomfield has been a wonderful influence on my two sons ages 5 and 11, building stronger bodies, minds, confidence and respect both for themselves and others."

John I.2018-03-09T20:07:22+00:00

Anthony S.

"I got into this with my daughter. I did some martial arts in high school, but Tom teaches true, practical self-defense. My daughter's self-confidence has increased along with mine. This program is great, for anybody, and is excellent for families to do together."

Anthony S.2018-03-09T20:07:33+00:00

Julie M.

"Tom's instruction has given me more discipline, confidence, and helped me trim down and stay healthy."

Julie M.2018-03-09T20:07:40+00:00

Andrew T.

"This program is so easy to learn, and fun to do. This kind of wisdom should be taught in every school. What Tom teaches is truly amazing – and yet simple to learn."

Andrew T.2018-03-09T20:07:51+00:00

Joan M.

"I've learned so much from this program. Tom Bloomfield’s approach is amazing because you don’t need to know any fancy or difficult martial arts moves. He shows normal women like me how to defend ourselves by using our natural instincts."

Joan M.2018-03-09T20:25:32+00:00

Mark B.

"I am able to now understand how my environment can help me protect myself in a dangerous situation."

Mark B.2018-03-09T20:25:43+00:00

Sam R.

"I thought that to disable an attacker you had to be huge and strong. I now see that there are numerous opportunities for anyone of any size to stun an attacker. Size and strength are less important than knowing key parts of the body and simple moves. I´ll always have the upper hand in any dangerous or fighting situation."

Sam R.2018-03-09T20:25:53+00:00

Nancy T.

"This program provided me with a sense of internal power and confidence that I hadn’t felt before. Now I am armed to stand up for myself..

Nancy T.2018-03-09T20:26:05+00:00

Andy T.

"This program breaks self-defense into easy to learn steps for teaching people how to really protecting themselves if the need arises. Terrific!"

Andy T.2018-03-09T20:26:17+00:00
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