Kevin Harley

Andre is a master of his craft, and the best trainer I have met throughout my athletic career. I first met Andre when I was in high school; I had just finished my first track season. I came to Andre to better myself as a runner. Andre trained me over the next year, during this time I achieved some of my greatest improvements as an athlete. He created a program that was specific to my sport, he challenged and inspired me. My next track season, I was district and regional champion, and finished second in ... Continue Reading

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Maria L. Bernardo

Your workouts are tough, but that perfect mixture of humor shined through in your leadership of every class. You have a way of leading a group, and speaking to every participant on an individual basis; holding us accountable for our actions. Your classes are like waking the sleeping giant within. I always wanted to be a personal trainer because it was something I felt truly passionate about – however I never felt like I ‘looked’ the part. Three months, 15 pounds and 16 ½ inches later, I have met my goal. I’m proud to say ... Continue Reading

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Erin Godin

My life made a 360 degree turn after seeing your energy and passion for health and fitness. You got me completely motivated to get in shape. Your drive was contagious. Your guidance has directed my life as a personal trainer and also got me training for the women’s Tri Fitness Competition. If there is one person in this world who is doing what they were put on this earth to do Andre is it. Anyone who is lucky enough to be coached by you is bound to achieve success just like me.

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Hugo A. Rivera

Andre Hudson is one of the best trainers I have ever met. He can motivate even the most unmotivated person and with his ability to transfer his positive energy and enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge of training and nutrition, success is inevitable for his client. On top of that, Andre’s genuine care for his clientele is what separates him from the rest. Even if he had half the knowledge he has about training, this care for others would still make him a much better trainer than most.

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