By Andre Hudson

There are a number of speed & agility drills that contribute to building up a youth athlete’s speed, quickness, power and endurance. The trainer/coach may have one drill that drains the body quicker than most but it will never be able to apply pressure or condition every muscle in the body. That’s why it is good to have a wide variety of quick foot drills, endurance drills, reaction drills, and explosion drills.

The most important part to this equation is the “relay system” between the athlete and the trainer when performing each and every drill. The athlete can only correct mistakes, stay intense through the drill, perform well under pressure, and come to understand the benefits of the burn, if the trainer points these things out while the heat is on. It’s like being in the moment. You only have one shot at this, make it your best!

While doing drills, it is crucial to makes sure that the athlete has a solid base, form, and technique.


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