If you are a solo trainer, you can certainly work with those massive gym facilities. At the same time, don’t be intimated by them. In this articles, we want to make sure you are taking advantage
of the trend towards smaller, more personalized workouts.

Our members are telling us that “smaller is better.” Groups of 3-5 people love a Boxing Fitness or Kickboxing Fitness workout, and are
willing to pay you more than you can make from personal training.

If your rate is $60 an hour for a personal training client, why not charge 4 people $35 for a one-hour semi-private class and more than double your rate?

We are finding that female clients especially appreciate these kinds of workouts. They love the self-confidence that Boxing and Kickboxing
Fitness builds, as well as the unbelievable workout they get in a smaller group.

Also, many fitness professionals have only a small space to work with.

With Boxing and Kickboxing Fitness, you don’t need much more than a 4 foot by 4 foot space. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need lots
of space or expensive equipment to lead these kinds of workouts.

All you really need for Boxing Fitness is a 16 foot square area, along with hand wraps, gloves, focus mitts, a mouthpiece, and a jump rope. You can get
those for under $125. Then, if you want, you can expand with more equipment later on.

In Kickboxing Fitness, you can get away with just hand wraps, although it is good to have a small hand-held kicking bag. Again, as you expand, you
can purchase more equipment — but you don’t have to.

Also, we show you routines that work in somebody’s home or in a small workout room, with or without equipment.

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